North Carolina Center for Missing Persons

Statistical Information and Reporting

For statistical and report writing purposes the North Carolina Center for Missing Person (NCMP) will be presenting numbers and charts to show the yearly comparisons of numbers for all missing persons reports. Missing Persons reports up by 765.

Missing Persons Report Totals

Juvenile vs Adult 2022

The following chart shows the race count for the year 2022.  The number of black juveniles missing is higher than white juveniles by 1916.  The number of white missing adults remains the highest in the missing adult category by 959.
Juvenile and Adult Race Count 2022
Race by Juvenile Age Groups for Females 2022
Race by Juvenile Age Groups for Males 2022
Special attention has been given to the missing persons reports of juvenile’s due to the high number of reports filed annually. These juvenile are mostly runaways that return voluntarily. Some are habitual runaways and each time they run counts as a report. 

Juvenile Missing by Age and Gender 2022

Silver Alerts for 2022

Total number of Silver Alerts for the year of 2022 was 425.
In an effort to show, the effectiveness of the program and where possible improvements can be made, the Center for Missing Persons keeps statistics on all alerts activated.

The criteria for the activation of the Alert remain the same.  Subject must be reported missing to a law enforcement agency and believed to have dementia or a cognitive impairment.

Gender 2022
Other noteworthy stats follow.

The first chart shows the gender comparison, a high number of male’s vs females.  More research will have to be done to try to explain the huge difference.

Race does not play a part in activation but here again, the numbers are unexplainably skewed.
The time-lapse statistics raises questions of why an alert was requested and issued so quickly.  With a majority of the alerts being located within a 24- hour period and without the assist of the alert, we must ask ourselves some question.  “Are we activating too fast?”
Race 2022

Are requesting agencies meeting the criteria for a state alert and is it possible those cases could have been worked at a lower level?

Silver Alert activations include all ages yet the juvenile count remains low.  Requests show that very few of these juvenile’s are in any eminent danger nor are they runaways with serious cognitive impairments.

Locate Time Duration 2022

Elderly drivers with dementia remain a top priority but most drivers are not in the elderly category of 60 and above.
Age for 2022


13 AMBER Alert(s) were activated in 2022 and resulted in 13 successful locate(s).

NCCMP activated the WEA (Wireless Emergency Alert System) system on all alerts that were activated before 10:00pm and after 6:00am. 

North Carolina AMBER Alerts are now on Facebook and Twitter.